Easter Mass at Holy Name: 'Magnificent'

Tribune reporter

On a divinely spring Easter Sunday, Catholics turned out en masse at Holy Name Cathedral to celebrate the holiday with Cardinal Francis George, newly returned from helping select the new pope at the Vatican in Rome.

Speaking to a standing room-only flock, George stressed the potential for enlightenment that comes with the annual remembrance of Christ's death and resurrection.

Christ suffered, he said. One can react to suffering by turning inward, he noted, or one can use that suffering to learn empathy and direct that empathy to worthwhile endeavors such as helping the poor.

"Christ is risen," he said. "Therefore, everything is possible. There is new life in ways we don't understand."

Rick and Roseanne Wilson are from Buffalo, N.Y., and were visiting their son on Sunday. They said they stood in line for about an hour to get into the 11 a.m. Mass.

Their friend, Sue Crisman, of Munster, Ind., said it was the first time she had ever stood in line to go to church.

It was worth it, Roseanne Wilson said.

"It was magnificent," she said. "There was a sense of belonging."


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