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A play is coming to a bathhouse near you

Tribune reporter

We’ve got steam heat. It was announced on Tuesday that a site-specific play will soon be staged in a Wicker Park bathhouse. Performa, an arts organization in New York, alongside the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and Monique Meloche Gallery will bring Rashid Johnson’s “Dutchman” to the Red Square Russian and Turkish Baths in September (16-21).

“Dutchman,” an interpretation of Amiri Baraka’s 1964 play, takes its audience through the steamy rooms of a bathhouse. However, while performed in a sauna, the play is actually set inside a New York subway train. The temperature and close proximity is meant to ratchet up the tension of the play. In the 2013 New York production, the audience wore bathing suits and bathrobes, dousing themselves with cold water. 

Performances take place at 11 p.m. at 1914 W. Division St.; Tickets are available at 

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