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If you're dumping on Wrigley, you're missing the point

The RosenBlog

Stop me if I’m wrong, but it’s not Wrigley Field’s fault that the Cubs are bad or that they ultimately choke when they’re good.

It’s just convenient.

Such criticism always seem to surface when the Cubs stink or when Ozzie Guillen visits. Last weekend, Guillen’s regularly scheduled interleague torchings of Wrigley Field gained an “Amen’’ from MLB Network analyst Peter Gammons, who called it a dump on WSCR-AM 670 and blah blah, blah.

Stop me if I’m wrong, but Wrigley Field isn’t a dump when the team has a smart owner.

Wrigley Field isn’t a dump when the general manager knows talent and acquires it.

Wrigley Field isn’t a dump when the manager clearly is in charge of all the field personnel.

Wrigley Field isn’t a dump when the players perform like major leaguers.

Stop me if I’m wrong, but you know when Wrigley Field is a dump? When the team being foisted on the public is something like this execrable mess that spent most of the season with the worst defense and highest ERA in the bigs. Look, the Cubs’ roster needed help before the injuries hit, and now the injuries reflect a minor-league system short on talent and fundamentals. I mean, if Lou Montanez can bat third for this bunch, then is the stadium really more of a dump than the lineup?

Wrigley Field is a dump when the manager sounds like a guy who isn’t in charge of veterans. Maybe he can’t manage them, maybe he doesn’t know how, maybe he feels more comfortable with kids. Whatever, there’s an issue when your big-money pitcher says “What manager?’’ after being told the titular leader doesn’t like the bat-over-the-knee thing, and there’s a bigger issue when the titular leader finally holds a closed-door meeting after a shameful effort and the players perform worse the next day.

Wrigley Field is a dump when ownership mirrors all the shortcomings and frustrations festering lower on the food chain. Wrigley Field is a dump when the naïve and inert owner chalks up this season’s embarrassment and misery to “just a lot of injuries.’’ Wrigley Field is a dump when the suddenly invisible owner’s fan-friendly accomplishment is offering fans bison dogs and rehabbed bathrooms in which to deposit them.

Stop me if I’m wrong.



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