Almond milk

Price per ounce: 5 cents Calories per glass: 40 Fat per glass: 4 Protein per glass: 1 gram Sugars: 7 grams Vitamins per glass: Vitamin A: 10 percent; calcium: 20 percent; Iron: 2 percent Best for: People with cow's milk and goat's milk allergies, or anyone on a low-calorie diet. This also has less saturated fat than cow's milk (whole) or goat's milk. Beware: There's barely any protein in this milk, so make sure you're getting enough protein from your other foods. Also, the sweetened almond milks can make your calorie count and sugar count rise dramatically. Make sure you shake the carton before drinking, because added calcium tends to stick to the bottom. While it's low in fat and calories, it has more carbs than cow's milk or goat's milk, Metzger said.
Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune
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