Angry at Rose all over again

Derrick Rose is shooting badly in games that matter this season. Rose also is committing atrocious turnovers in games that matter this season. I wish he had gotten the horrible basketball out of the way last season.

And that’s the aggravating thing: He could’ve gotten it out of the way last season. He should’ve gotten it out of the way last season.

But Rose or Rose and his brother and his camp didn’t let it happen. More like refused to let it happen, even after doctors cleared him for contact in February.

Playing games that mattered was the last part of his rehab from surgery to repair his right ACL. Rose didn’t take that step for another eight months. This, mind you, while everyone suggested he was the best player on the Bulls’ practice floor last spring.

And now he’s bad, the Bulls have lost two of three to start the season, including blowing a 20-point lead in Philadelphia, and so, I understand why fans might be screaming mad at him and his brother and his camp. I understand why fans might feel like booing him. Rose’s lousy play this season has forced people to look back at the deceit of last season.

I sensed we were past those feelings, whether they were anger, frustration or betrayal as Rose refused to suit up. It felt like everyone was done with whatever bad act we got last season and instead looked forward to Rose’s return and some quality basketball.

But no. It isn’t happening. Rose isn’t happening. Rose is bad, and it’s impossible not to go back to his refusal to follow the plan. It’s impossible not to get angry about it all over again. I know it doesn’t do any good. I know it won’t change Rose’s lousy play this season. But it feels better to scream about it than try to bottle up the aggravation that Rose’s silly act prompted then and now.

Whenever Rose returned, there were going to be missed shots. There were going to be turnovers. There were going to be adjustments required. Unfortunately, it’s happening now instead of then.

Rose is shooting 28.8 percent from the floor and worse from three-point range. This from a guy who said he would come back as a better shooter after refusing to come back when he should’ve.

Rose also can’t get to the free-throw line, either, and is averaging more turnovers than assists.

This kind of bad play should’ve been behind Rose and the Bulls, and it would’ve been had Rose suited up for games, which doctors called the most important part of his rehab.

Never happened. That was the deceit pulled on Rose’s teammates, Bulls management and fans.

It makes me angry again now -- it might set off your dormant anger, as well -- because of the way the farce came down then.

Rose refused to suit up all of last season, claiming he wasn’t ready to execute all the moves in a game that he was executing in practice, no matter that and teammates were saying how great he looked in practice.

But Rose never suited up for the last part of his rehab, the most important part of his rehab, while teammates were throwing up, going to the hospital and inspiring a new Toe Tag Night promotion.

And then, shortly after the season was over, Rose magically declared himself ready and healthy to go. There had been no practices against teammates. There had certainly been no games against real opponents. But yet, Rose said he was healed and ready. Magic, huh?

And so, the deceit was complete. Rose and his brother and his camp had jerked around everyone for a year, which, looking back and connecting the dots, seemed to be the plan from the start.

And so, here’s Rose, shooting badly this season, committing a mess of turnovers this season, and costing the Bulls games this season when he could’ve gotten a lot of this ugliness out of the way last season.

Rose said he can sense a breakout game coming, but what else would he say? I’m sure he’ll have one. I’m sure he’ll have a lot of them. He’ll get back to playing like an MVP.

But for now, he looks like the guy who simply played an organization and a city last season.

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