French press or plunger pot

Proponent: Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks "I use a coarsely ground Sumatra, and I make it in a French press with water right off the boil," Schultz said. The Starbucks chief likes the "rich mouth feel" of French press coffee but acknowledges that "it isn't for everyone." How it works: The French press, or plunger pot, has a cylindrical glass carafe that holds the grounds. Hot water is poured to fill the carafe; after about four minutes you push down a plunger with a stainless-steel mesh filter to the base of the pot, thus straining and pressing the coffee grounds to the bottom. Good for those who will drink their java very soon after plunging and who like a full, rich body to their coffee. Price: Bodum French press pots range from $20 to $50 at and other stores.
Tribune photo by James F. Quinn
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