Maxwell A. Monday

Date and place of incident: December 2000, 1400 block of West Touhy Ave., Chicago. Incident narrative: A mortgage broker and married father who was born in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Monday was driving his 1990 Nissan Pathfinder in the Rogers Park community, when he opened the passenger side door, waved over a 6-year-old boy and attempted to pull the child into the car, according to police and court records. The boy's mother was nearby and managed to grab her son, and Monday fled, the police said. Monday was arrested and positively identified by the mother, according to the police. Court outcome: Monday pleaded guilty to child abduction and was sentenced to six months in jail and a year's probation. He is a registered sex offender. Monday said in an interview that he was misidentified and that police fabricated their reports. "I've never done nothing like this in my life. All this was a lie," he said. "I am not a sexual -- what do they call it? -- molester. ... They don't do things like that where I come from."
Illinois Sex Offender registry
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