John R. Malinowski

Date and place of incident: February 2004, 3500 block of South Artesian Ave., Chicago. Incident narrative: South Side security guard John Malinowski went from abusing young relatives in the 1980s to "grooming" and raping a friend's daughter repeatedly over two years starting in 2002, then finally snatching a 10-year-old as she took a short cut through an alley on her way home from school in 2004, court records show. Wearing a black security guard windbreaker, but notable for his scraggly goatee and rotten teeth, Malinowski grabbed the child from behind. He smelled of "cigarettes and dirt," the girl later testified at trial. When she tried to scream he covered her mouth and threatened to kill her, then led her by one arm to a vacant third floor apartment where he had been squatting temporarily. There Malinowski raped the child repeatedly on a filthy blanket he spread across the floor. To escape, the 10-year-old girl tricked Malinowski into believing that her mother would call police if she wasn't home soon; Malinowski took her outside and she managed to break free. Police rushed to the apartment with guns drawn and found Malinowski hiding in a closet, court records show. Court outcome: Malinowski was convicted of predatory criminal sexual assault and is serving life in prison. He declined to speak to the Tribune unless he was paid.
Illinois Sex Offender registry
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