Dear Stupid (and you know who you are, Bulls)

If you were worried the Bulls might’ve wised up after their many stupid acts cost them the last two playoff games, then here’s some good news:

The Bulls say they will continue the idiocy in Game 4 on Monday night.

“We want to be the aggressor,’’ Jimmy Butler said. “We’re that hard-nosed, tough-guy team. That’s what we label ourselves and that’s what we pride ourselves on. We’re going to come out swinging and fighting.’’

The Bulls try hard. The Bulls never really go away. But “tough-guy team’’ and “swinging and fighting’’? Now you’re delusional. Stop watching “Die Hard’’ movies with Derrick Rose. Butler sounds as dumb as his team is playing.

The Bulls apparently have given up trying to play actual basketball. The Bulls’ strategy appears to be based on making fools of themselves after the whistle the way Joakim Noah and Nazr Mohammed did in Game 3 and Noah and Gibson did in Game 2.

But wait. Apparently, it’s not enough that the Bulls’ laughable approach has resulted in two straight losses and national embarrassment, but now Butler says they’re doubling down on their moronic game plan. And so, the Bulls’ Stupid-O-Meter goes to 11.

The Bulls lost their minds again and lost another playoff game Friday, and then coaqch Tom Thibodeau was fined $35,000 for saying or implying everything except that the series is fixed.

But it’s not fixed. It doesn’t have to be. You want to know why?

Because Thibodeau is coaching the Bulls to act stupidly. Or he has lost control his team.

The Bulls can whine and blame the officials, but they’re playing like idiots. The Bulls can claim they’re trying to defend the Heat and themselves, but their act is indefensible, if they’re actually trying to win this series, that is.

The Bulls own most of the idiot stats in this series. They have eight of the 12 technical fouls that have been assessed in the last two games. Three players have been ejected in the last two games -- all of them Bulls.

Meanwhile, the Bulls’ only win came during the one game in which they came away clean -- no technical fouls, no ejections. Connect the dots, stupid.

But no. Not the Bulls. Butler is assuring us the Bulls will barrel into Game 4 with more of the same. Thank goodness, huh? Because stupidity has worked out so well the last couple games.

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