Veva Schreiber, 85, Lake Bluff

In the mid-1940s Veva Schreiber, a 17-year-old farm girl from Iowa, arrived in Chicago with a scholarship to the University of Chicago and a ferocious appetite to write and work. Schreiber, now 85, is as active and tenacious as ever. She manages and edits two garden-based websites and is a national flower show judge. Over the years she has worn many hats including that of real estate agent, editor, village trustee and and author. In her eyes though, her greatest accomplishment is being the mother of 3 and grandmother and great-grandmother to many more. "When you have a good family, that is everything," she said. Above, she makes May baskets with her great granddaughters Grace Dodge, 3, and Anneliese Green, 2.
Tribune photo by Stacey Wescott
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