Big Black Bird

In 2010, after kicking around the bar-band scene for several years and cycling through a handful of members, The Auramatics finally found the band they were meant to become. After settling on a permanent lineup, they re-christened themselves Big Black Bird in 2010, and released a debut album last year. Bassist/vocalist Andrew Price spoke to the Tribune last week -- quietly -- while his toddler son was taking a nap. Q: You guys have been around for a while but Big Black Bird is a bit of a reconfiguration. A: We did the name change in 2010, to Big Black Bird from Auramatics, which no one could figure out how to pronounce or spell, anyhow. Brian (Schnell), he had moved to town from Maine and he saw us at Double Door and came to play with us shortly after, and we told him to just leave his stuff in the practice space because we wanted him in the band. At that point, we knew we needed a fresh start, so the name change was just kind of a reboot. Read the full Big Black Bird interview
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