'The Jackie Wilson Story'

Diversity is part of the mission statement at a lot of Chicago's cultural institutions, but there are some theaters where it is simply part of the scenery. That's not to say that Black Ensemble Theater founder Jackie Taylor has a dim view of Black History Month. "It's important we have a spotlight to shine on it," she said. Currently on stage at BET's new North Side home is "The Jackie Wilson Story," the life story and music of the African-American singer famous in the 1950s and '60s. What it says on the subject: Along with lots of live music, "The Jackie Wilson Story" tells the history of what it was like to be an R&B singer at that time in the 20th century, Taylor said. "You get to understand the recording industry as it was really run. And it was really difficult at that time for African-Americans to control and own their own music and their own success." Details: Through March 18 at the Black Ensemble Theater, 4450 N. Clark St.; $55-$65 at 773-769-4451 or blackensembletheater.org
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