Marketa Irglova

Czech pianist Marketa Irglova and Irish vocalist Glen Hansard are forever preserved on film as the shy, fumbling folkie couple in the 2007 movie "Once." Everyone knows what happens next: Irglova, 23, and Hansard, 41, became a couple in real life, toured the world as members of the band the Swell Season, won an Oscar and fell apart. In the aftermath, Irglova moved to New York City, released a solo album (the lush, lovely "Anar") and married (yes, married) the disc's engineer, Chicago-based Tim Iseler. In a phone interview, Irglova, who plays Lincoln Hall on Saturday night, talked about her new album, her relationship with Hansard and "The Swell Season," the new, super-depressing documentary about their relationship.9 p.m. Saturday at Lincoln Hall, 2424 N. Lincoln Ave.; $18 ($20 door, 21+); 773-525-2508 or lincolnhallchicago.comRead the full Marketa Irglova interview
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