Gayle Dubowski loved the arts, be it singing soprano in the Glenbard North High School choir, acting in a musical, or doodling out cartoon characters that amazed her friends. At Glenbard North, she was in the theater production of "Little Shop of Horrors," made teachers smile, and befriended Ashley Mortensen of Carol Stream soon after they met two years ago. "She went out of her way," said Mortensen, a junior at Glenbard. "She was a really sweet and genuine person." Dubowski grew up at the end of a cul-de-sac of modest two-story homes not far from Glenbard North High School. A wooden sign hangs at the front door declaring the establishment of the Dubowski home in 1982. On Friday, young women shuttled cases of bottled water into the house. Glenbard North Principal John Mensik said several teachers went home early Friday after learning of Dubowski's death. Counselors were called to the school for seniors who knew her. Messages left on a Facebook memorial dedicated to Dubowski indicate a deep faith in God. "She was so happy, open and serving," wrote friend Laura Moss. "I know that she shone so brightly for God on that campus."
Glenbard North yearbook photo
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