Belmont Harbor Dog Beach

Address: 3200 N. Lake Shore Drive Area: Although the space is on the water, it's a bit of a stretch to call it a beach. It's really more of a fenced-in strip of sand -- about 1/10th of an acre -- on Belmont Harbor's west side, where dogs can frolic and fetch. Cleanliness: The patch of sand is slightly soiled. The harbor's water looks sullied with gas and other boat residue. Congestion: Since the space is small, even when there aren't that many dogs around, it can still feel crowded. Nearest temptation: Wigglyville Pet Boutique, 3337 N. Broadway, sells food and treats from small independent companies that use natural preservatives, minimal processing and avoid using animal and plant byproducts. Admission: Like all 15 Chicago Park District dog-friendly areas, Belmont requires each dog to have a permit and tag confirming that it is vaccinated and in good health. The tag, which costs $5, is sold at many veterinarian offices. (Photo: Chicago resident Jon Hart hangs out with his Canaan dog, Oscar, at the dog beach at Belmont Avenue.)
Tribune photo by Nuccio Dinuzzo
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