Krystal Robinson

Krystal Robinson has all but given up looking for employment in Chicago. Jobs are scare, she says. For four years Robinson was a flight attendant for a regional carrier for United Airlines. She missed so many days at her airline job -- because of a family member's illness -- that she quit rather than face the possibility of being fired. She job hunts by walking up and down streets and by checking ads in newspapers and online. She applied at eight other out-of-state places. She visited Wichita, Kan., once, in October, five months into her unemployment. Robinson will pack her bags and make the 12-hour drive to Wichita if the Transportation Security Administration offers her a job at the Wichita Mid-Continent Airport. Jobs in Chicago are scarce, and Kansas is looking pretty good. The application process for a federal job is tenacious, and Robinson has done a lot of waiting. She applied in October. The credit check cleared in November. Her background check cleared in January. And if she makes the cut, she'll do 21 days of training before she's officially hired. Now she's waiting for an offer, and a chance to move. Get the full story.
Tribune photo by José M. Osorio
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