The year has barely started, but it's never too early to make a wish list for the kinds of gadgets that we want to see in 2014.

Tech companies gave their users a lot to look forward to in 2014, from wearable devices to new smartphone technologies. So here is our list of the top 10 tech gadgets we want to see in 2014.

10. Amazon media player

Google entered the world of digital media players in 2013 with the $35 Chromecast, a credible rival to the Apple TV and Roku's many devices. But there were also reports that Amazon had a device of its own in the works.

The Amazon digital media player was never released, but it makes sense for Amazon to enter the market. The company sells a wide variety of digital content that users would want on their TVs and entertainment systems, from songs to TV shows and movies.

Apple users and Google users are already covered with devices that are compatible with their smartphones and tablets, but users of Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets are left helpless. To avoid losing its tablet users to Apple and Google, Amazon should launch a digital media player of its own.

9. Affordable 4K TVs, 4K screens on mobile devices

This was the first full year that 4K Ultra HD televisions were on sale to consumers, but so far, most of the sets are way too pricey. We're talking several thousand dollars for quality TV sets.

Ultra HD TVs -- which have four times the resolution of HD TVs -- are very nice, but they don't deliver the kind of leap forward that consumers got when they bought their first HD TVs. The difference in quality isn't blatantly noticeable.

If the TV industry wants 4K Ultra HD to catch on, prices need to come down -- preferably in time for this summer's World Cup. In 2014, we want to see more 4K TVs at prices that consumers can actually afford. This means consumers need to see more models that are available for less than $1,000.

Additionally, it'd be nice to see 4K Ultra HD screens on our smartphones and tablets. Already, many mobile devices have full 1080p HD screens, and in November Qualcomm announced a new processor that is capable of bringing 4K Ultra HD to mobile gadgets. So let's not delay this.

8. Tile

Users who have a habit of losing their keys and other items will want to pre-order Tile.

The square-shaped device is used to keep track of items that users could easily lose but wouldn't want to, such as a phone or a purse. Using Bluetooth, Tile connects to users' smartphones, letting them track the distance to their lost items using an app on their device. Users can also activate a Tile to ring, helping them find their misplaced item with the help of a sound.

Even more helpful, users can tap into the network of Tile users to find items that have been stolen, such as a  bike. A video for the product says that if the Tile in question comes within the range of any other Tile user, a notification will be sent to the owner of the Tile with the whereabouts of the stolen item.

Tile, which has raised more than $2.6 million through crowdfunding, is available for pre-order for $19.95.

7. Coin

Another crowdfunded device in 2013 was Coin, a smartcard that helps users slim their wallets by being used as a substitute for their credit and debit cards.

The way the device works is users load their cards onto Coin using an app and a card reader that they attach to their smartphone. Once the device is set up, users can press a button on the Coin smartcard to toggle between the multiple cards they have loaded on the device. By pressing the button, users can easily switch from their business credit card to their debit card or their personal credit card, adjusting Coin for various scenarios.

Coin is available for pre-order now starting at $55 and will begin shipping this summer.