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Google Glass on sale to public for today only

An unknown number of Google Glass wearable devices will go on sale for one day only Tuesday for a cool $1,500, plus tax, on the Internet.

While Google Glass-wearing beta testers have sometimes been targeted in public for having something on their faces that can make surreptitious photographs and videos, demand continues to grow.

So Tuesday's one-day sale has the potential to further stoke demand as Google continues to ration out what's estimated to be a current supply of 10,000 units in circulation.

Only about 40 people in the Chicago area were participating in Google's testing program for Glass as of last summer, and it's not believed that number has grown much since due to the exclusivity of the product.

About 2,000 developers were selected to be testers, or Explorers, as Google calls them. Another 8,000 received invitations after applying to the program via a Twitter post using the hashtag "#ifihadglass."

Google Glass responds to voice commands such as, "OK, Glass, take a picture," and its right stem includes a touchpad that users can swipe or tap. Via a tiny display in the corner above the right eye, wearers can also read Twitter posts and emails, browse the Web, scan news headlines or check the weather.

The Google Glass sale began at 6 a.m. Pacific time and wannabe Google Glass owners have to be U.S. residents with a U.S. shipping address and be at least 18 years old, according to Google.

To get the chance to buy one, go to

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