Lance Armstrong and American Idol own the Internet this week, and today is no exception. Users are searching for info on the disgraced cyclist's much-hyped confession with Oprah Winfrey and the juggernaut reality show aired its second show of its new season last night with a unlikely singer who overcame a major disability. Sorry, Lance we still hate you. The jury is still out on the new Idol however.

Pauline Phillips who wrote the popular advice column Dear Abby for decades died yesterday at 94. Internet users are sharing their favorite sassy Dear Abby responses and there are plenty. Here's one of mine:

Dear Abby: Is it true blondes have more fun.

/s/ Brunette in Iowa City

Dear Brunette:

Well, they're easier to find in the dark.

Meanwhile, my favorite video game of all time is coming back with a new edition. Excitement is building as Sim City prepares to launch its Beta version next week. If the nerd in your life is MIA for the next weeks, now you know why.

Oh, and finally, Michelle Obama has bangs!! People are excited, really excited.

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