Apple begins its announcement of the long-awaited and expected iPhone 5 at 1 pm Eastern. We can also expect updates to its line of iPods, and possibly even an iTunes makeover. Below are the highlights from the event, as brought to you by the Internet and my scouring of other sites, including Engadget and the Verge. There's also a selection of live video feeds of talking heads -- not the actual Apple event -- on UStream.


* 2:53 pm: Apple unveils new website page for iPhone 5. See features, specs, etc.

* 2:35 pm: Apple invites musical guest, the Foo Fighters, to perform. The event seems to be wrapping up!

* 2:35 pm: New ear buds for listening to music. Called: "EarPods." Pretty cool looking. Apple says it spent three years developing them. I'm not a fan of the current earphones. The new EarPods will ship as a separate accessory, but also included in new Touch, Nano and iPhone 5.

* 2:23 pm: Next up: iPod Touch updated. Fifth generation. The Touch is a big gaming device for users, according to Apple. Thinnest iPod Touch ever. Four inch display. Seven times faster graphics processor than previous Touch. A loop where you can attach a wrist strap to carry around the Touch. AirPlay and Siri support. Five colors.

* 2:17 pm: Apple now introducing new iPods. New iPod nano: longer/taller, multi-touch, more apps on the touchscreen.

* 2:15 pm: Basically, Apple threw a coat of paint on iTunes and replaced a couple windows, IMO. Some call it the "iOS-ification" of Apple's desktop apps. Where the desktop apps start to look like iPhone/iPad apps.

* 2:07 pm: New version of iTunes with iCloud built-in. (Not sure yet what that means.)

* 2:04 pm: iTunes + iPod announcement: changes to iPod and iTunes.

* 2:03 pm: iPhone 5 and iOS 6 ships Sept. 19.

* 2:01 pm: Prices: Same price as the 4S. $199 for 16GB. $299 for 32GB, $399 for 64GB.

* 1:54 pm: Available in white and black, with aluminum finishes on the back.

* 1:52 pm: Apple shows off more Siri integration with apps. Voice commands FTW!

* 1:50 pm: Apple shows off its Passbook app, that acts kinda like a mobile wallet. Also introduces shared photo streams. You can share your photos from your iPhone with others in a stream format.

* 1:45 pm: To be honest, practically no surprises in Apple's presentation so far. If you've followed the tech blogs the last couple months, all these features were predicted. Even photos leaked. Very different level of secrecy since Steve Jobs died.