The web is abuzz with sinkhole horror stories like the one that opened up in Florida and news of Apple's latest iPhone. Elon Musk unveiled plans for a transportation network that looks like it fell out of a sci-fi movie. And Little Monsters everywhere are 'applauding' Lady Gaga's latest single.

Welcome to your online trends report for Tuesday, August 13, 2013.

New iPhone

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Apple will unveil the latest version of its iPhone on September 10, according to a new report. Likely to be called either the iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S, the phone's release date would fit the schedule Apple has established since the first iPhone was released in 2007. [ CNN ]

Sinkhole in Florida

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Sections of a building at a resort near Orlando's theme park district collapsed into a sinkhole late Sunday, forcing the evacuation of 105 guests in the structure and also dozens of visitors staying in two adjacent three-story buildings. [ ABC News ]

Lady Gaga

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In case you didn't already know, Lady Gaga doesn't give an eff what the critics think of her. Gaga solidified that assertion on Monday (August 12) by releasing "Applause," the first single off of her upcoming record, ARTPOP — and a self-affirmation of the most epic proportions. [ MTV ]


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The Hyperloop sits in a tube system, rather than previously speculated underground tunnels or rails. The electromagnetic tubes will run mostly along the I-5 corridor, with exceptions around the densest areas in Los Angeles and San Francisco. “There is a tricky portion near LA which is called the grapevine,” Musk said, so he would make a “series of tunnels through the hills – they’re not very long tunnels”—to help navigate passengers to the correct station. The passenger pods “end up essentially chasing the pulse,” he said. [ Forbes ]

Whitey Bugler

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James 'Whitey' Bulger, the notorious Boston gangster who spent 16 years on the lam before being captured in June of 2011, was found guilty of multiple murders and racketeering by a federal jury in Boston on Monday. Facing 32 charges, Bulger was convicted on most of them, including 11 murders that date back to the '70s and multiple counts of extortion and money laundering. [ NPR ]

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