Reality TV darlings, 's Robertson clan, are back. Islamist violence results in hundreds dead in Egypt and Apple's stock prices soar after a billionaire's tweet.

Welcome to your online trends report for Thursday, August 15, 2013.

Duck Dynasty

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One of America’s broadest and best family sitcoms, Duck Dynasty, which is, yes, also a reality TV show, returns for its fourth season on A&E. Duck Dynasty, about the antics of Louisiana’s hirsute, wealthy, proudly redneck Roberston clan, has been a huge hit for the cable channel, racking up ratings that would be the envy of ABC, NBC, CBS, or Fox.
[ Slate ]

AAPL stock

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Apple shot up 5 percent yesterday and continued to surge today after billionaire Carl Icahn tweeted about his large stake in Apple and his chat with Apple's CEO Tim Cook about the company's share buyback program. For the first time since January, Apple stock crossed $500 on Wednesday mid-day. Apple's shares traded around $498.50 at the close of New York trading on Wednesday, up 1.82 percent.
[ ABC News ]


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A defiant Muslim Brotherhood declared it was not backing down Thursday against a crackdown by Egypt's interim government, vowing to "bring down this military coup" and calling on demonstrators to march in Cairo to protest a day of bloodshed that left more than 500 dead.

[ Fox News ]

UPS plane crash

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A UPS cargo plane crashed into a field near the Birmingham airport Wednesday, killing two pilots and scattering wreckage over a rural area moments after witnesses heard the massive A300 jet coming in at treetop level.
[ CBS News ]

Humble Bundle

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Electronic Arts and the Humble Bundle crew have partnered up to let gamers buy six EA games for whatever price they want. Paying more than the average purchase price (currently $4.73) unlocks two bonus titles. In a special twist, 100% of the proceeds go to charity - no money is going to EA or to Humble Bundle Inc.
[ IGN ]

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