The beloved former mayor of New York, Ed Koch is dead at 88, Applebee's is feeling the wrath of Reddit and a Super Bowl bound Beyonce wants you to know she can sing live. Welcome to your Internet trends report for Friday, Feb. 1, 2013.

The brash former prosecutor Ed Koch who personified New York in the 1980s for many Americans has passed away Friday. The New York Times in his obit fittingly wrote: "Besides his sister, a former dean at New York University whom he saw regularly in later years, Mr. Koch is survived by New York itself."

With the Super Bowl only now days away, interest is reaching new highs online. Halftime headliner Beyonce took center stage yesterday to show America she can sing the National Anthem live. In other football news, former NFL star Dan Marino had a love child with a TV producer. Mrs. Marino (not a TV producer) is probably not pleased.

Meanwhile, people are asking serious questions about the safety of the X Games after 25-year-old Caleb Moore died after suffering injuries during a freestyle snowmobiling competition last week.

In fun Internet causes news, Applebee's fired a waitress after she posted a photo of recent receipt on Reddit and the web is pissed. A pastor who was too cheap to pay the required 18 percent gratuity for having large table, obnoxiously wrote on the waitress' check "I give God 10 percent why do you get 18" The pastor found out that she was being rightfully mocked online for being a horrible human being and demanded everyone at the restaurant be fired (very spiritual honey). Applebee's declined the mass firing but the company did fire the waitress. One supporter of the fired waitress even posted another Applebee's check online, which read: "I give God 0%, I give you 28%"

Finally, Tina Fey and company said goodbye last night with the final episode of the show-within-a -show "30 Rock." I have one thing to say about this: Oh, blarg.

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