Alabama Shakes took the stage on Saturday Night Live last night with a relatively calm physical presence standing in marked contrast to frontwoman Brittany Howard's fierce and howling vocals.
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Downton Abbey
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If you're a big fan, you already knew what was coming in the season finale. But it didn't make it any easier -- or less heartbreaking -- to watch.
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Mindy McCready
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Country singer Mindy McCready committed suicide this past weekend, allegedly shooting herself on the very porch where her fiance David Wilson killed himself last month. McCready's ex Billy McKnight, who has known her since the late 1990s and who is the father of her 6-year-old son Zander, tells "Today" that the suicide did not come as a huge surprise.

Axel is dead (Good night, sweet prince), the Governor strapped it up and gleefully squeezed off rounds on the prison stronghold, Glenn is having major leadership and relationship issues, and Daryl and Merle cut their Oregon Trail LARPing adventure short to return to cell block C. Also, Merle peed on a tree and he and Daryl spit everywhere.
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Lil Wayne
Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne's skate park project in the city's rebuilding Lower 9th Ward is off to a bumpy start. The building that houses the park didn't pass a city electrical inspection and had to be re-wired, and only a handful of children are able to skate at a time because of a shortage of staffing.

Happy Presidents Day