Lockheed Martin looks to grow health care role

Lockheed Martin, a government contractor best known for its fighter jets, formally opened a health care center in Baltimore County Wednesday, part of a bid to...

Amazon CEO experimenting with drone delivery service

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in a "60 Minutes" interview Sunday night that the online retail giant is experimenting with a drone-based delivery service called...


Cisco to buy Columbia's Sourcefire for $2.7B

A marquee name in the technology industry said Tuesday that it is buying Columbia-based Sourcefire — a homegrown player in the hot...

Port of Baltimore is vulnerable to cyber attack, Brookings study says

U.S. commerce "would grind to a halt in a matter of days" in the aftermath of a crippling cyberattack that the nation's ports —...

Adaptation of Xbox Kinect device could prevent common summer tragedy

This time of year, dozens of children across the country die after being forgotten inside sweltering cars. A group of Johns Hopkins...

Regus 'flexible workplace' centers expand in Maryland

Technology company Hope LoanPort could have signed a conventional lease for its new headquarters in Baltimore.

Cyber task force formed for Baltimore-Washington region

Three industry groups from Baltimore and Washington said Thursday that they've banded together to "solidify" the region as the top place for...

MyFitnessPal and me: Diary of an obsessive electronic relationship

Right from the start, I knew we would have problems in our relationship. We were too much alike, he and I. Type A. Achievers. The kind who...

Audit finds state servers vulnerable to cyberattack

Servers that host internet service for more than 30 state agencies are vulnerable to a cyberattack, according to a legislative audit...

Hopkins startup Healthify targets overlooked factors in evaluating health risks

A doctor might ask for a patient's family disease history, or exercise or smoking habits, but whether they have trouble getting food onto...

Millennial Media looking past market swings to chart growth

Millennial Media's stock has lost three-fourths of its value since the Canton company went public a year ago as an established force in...

Sourcefire taps board member as new CEO

Columbia cybersecurity firm Sourcefire Inc. named John Becker, a longtime member of its board of directors, as the company's new CEO on...


Gmail makes adding photos into messages quicker with new feature

Adding pictures into a Gmail message will now be faster than ever thanks to a new feature introduced Tuesday that lets users quickly...

Google wants to fit an entire camera into a contact lens

Google has applied for a patent that details a way to fit a camera into a contact lens.

Google Glass: How to buy one, today only, without an invitation

Not sure what to spend that tax refund on? Well, Google has an idea.

Samsung Galaxy S5 finds success in simplicity

With the Galaxy S5, Samsung proves that less can be more.

Google buys drone maker Titan Aerospace; Facebook had shown interest

Google has acquired New Mexico-based drone maker Titan Aerospace, the company said on Monday.

After Heartbleed bug, OpenSSL president calls for more support

The president of the OpenSSL Foundation said the organization needs more support from companies and governments that use its software so...




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