Which action helps a consumer raise a low score or keep a high one?

--Make all loan payments on time

--Keep credit card balances under 25 percent of the credit limit

--Avoid opening several new credit card accounts at the same time

--Beat the spread on Sunday's Red Sox vs. Royals double-header

Co-signing a student loan would affect you in what way?

--Your credit score is likely to decline slightly because your score is pulled and a credit inquiry is reported.

--Your credit score is likely to improve if the student makes all payments on-time.

--Your credit score is likely to decline if the student makes one late payment.

--Your drinking is likely to increase if Junior majors in medieval art.

A credit score typically measures:

--Attitude toward consumer credit

--Amount of consumer debt

--Resources to pay back loans

--Likelihood you get all your investment tips from the E*TRADE baby


--Four or more correct: You are a Boy Scout who pays every bill early and only borrows the neighbor's hedge clippers.

--Two to four correct: It probably would be better if you let your spouse handle all the money from now on.

--Less than two correct: You are probably a musician, a hobo living down by the river or, possibly, the E*TRADE baby.

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