Pardon the interruption from the recession. Today Neiman Marcus unveiled its 85th annual Christmas book and, if you're like me, you flip straight to the fantasy gifts section to see what kind of dreamy Christmas concoctions they came up with this year.

They never fails to disappoint. There's the million-dollar his and hers water fountains designed by renowned waterworks maker WET to be installed in your home. Or, one of my favorites, though not nearly the most expensive, is called "Dream Folly," a simulated genie bottle. It's a tent-like structure, perfect for that outdoor space you don't quite know what to do with. The beyond-plush interior is done by designer Rebecca Vizard with hand-crafted down-filled pillows, candles and a large chandelier in colors and textures intended to "evoke the bubbles of a warm, soothing bath." All for a mere $75,000.

A new twist this year appears to be a nod to the rotten economy. Eight of the fantasy gifts (all except the 2012 Ferrari) come with a charitable component. When these gifts are purchased, the department store will donate a portion of the proceeds to a designated charity. Those include, First Book, the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters among others.