How to avoid spending temptation

Considering that many Americans' savings have taken a hit from stock market gyrations or have been drained to help them get through a job loss, it's worth looking at your spending to see whether you need to cut back to boost your savings. One of the best ways to reduce spending is to avoid temptation. If you live in a small town, it's a little easier than for big city dwellers, who can't walk down the street without passing a multitude of stores, restaurants and entertainment options. Plus, smaller cities tend to have a lower cost of living. But even in the boonies, you still can hear the siren song of daily deal sites, social media and email alerts from retailers. One of the most well-known daily deal sites, Groupon, doesn't operate in some out-of-the-way places. Yet your email inbox perhaps still fills up daily with all sorts of offers for deals on clothing, furniture, travel and more. To avoid the temptation to spend or to pounce on deals that really aren't, follow these steps. --Cameron Huddleston, Kiplinger's Personal Finance Distributed by Tribune Media Services
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