To our readers

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.”

― Ronald Reagan

President Reagan’s words apply as well to the workplace as any other setting. Good business leaders inspire their work forces to do their best and create the environment and culture that enables them.

Leaders set the tone and often lead by example. Without a good leader, few businesses could be a top workplace.

For The Baltimore Sun’s 6th annual Top Workplaces, we decided to highlight the leaders, particularly those who stood out enough among the talented field for special recognition.

We asked the leadership award winners in each size category how they create and foster a top workplace, how they influence the culture of their business and when they decide to be hands-on or delegate. They told us what their hardest lesson was and offer advice for new leaders.

As in the past, The Sun collaborated with Philadelphia-based WorkplaceDynamics to conduct employee surveys and crunch the data to identify the region’s Top Workplaces. WorkplaceDynamics, whose mission is to help employers create places where people want to work, has conducted similar surveys for dozens of U.S. newspapers and helped The Sun produce Baltimore’s Top Workplaces for the past six years.

We hope you enjoy the print magazine and this section, and that you’ll nominate your company next year. But we also hope you think about what your business or organization can do to help make Baltimore a top place to work for everyone.

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