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What role does healthy communication play in the workplace and how do you encourage it?

Bill Dunahoo, president and CEO of Praxis Engineering Technologies Inc. on communication: 

Honest, open, and transparent communication is essential to any healthy and thriving organization. But it can’t just come from the top — it needs to permeate all levels of the organization, be consistent throughout, and be encouraged to flow in all directions. When it is working well, it isn’t extra work, but is just part of what we all do. We understand that one style of communication does not work for everyone. Some prefer the personal touch, some are more comfortable in small group settings, and still others just prefer an email to keep them informed. Some prefer to keep their business and personal relationships separate, while others find them to be inseparable. The key at Praxis is to find what works best for each individual, to take a genuine interest in the needs and thoughts of others, and to realize that the healthiest of communication comes from those connections that are established over time through mutual respect, trust, honesty, and integrity. Communication mediums include one-on-one meetings, small group sessions, and all hands meetings; meetings at the office or various other business or social settings; phone calls, emails, texts, and newsletters; and all without regard to the org chart.

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