Problem Solver updates: Found money to aid animals

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"Accordingly, and in partnership with the wishes of the entire von Maur family, we've determined the money should be returned to Ms. Kent's daughter and we will make our own ($200) donation to the West Suburban Humane Society in her name as our apology for any concern this may have caused her or her mother," the statement said. "Moving forward, Von Maur is reviewing its approach to unique matters such as these in order to avoid any confusion in the future."

Maggie Kent was elated.

She said she plans to spend the $200 Von Maur gives her on supplies for animal control shelters. Along with the $200 Von Maur is giving to the West Suburban Humane Society, a full $400 will go toward helping animals, she said.

"I think they made the right decision," Maggie Kent said. "I think it will work out extremely well in the end for all."

Ticket tally

The parking tickets keep coming for Loreen Targos.

Through Monday, the 26-year-old has received a whopping 51 tickets for parking her motorcycle in seemingly legal, unmetered spots in the Loop.

Targos was originally featured in the Sept. 16 column, when she complained that she had received dozens of tickets for parking in the 0-100 block of West Randolph Street. In each instance, the tickets have been issued for parking "not entirely in a parking meter space," for parking in a prohibited zone, parking at an expired meter or parking within 30 feet of a traffic signal.

None of the citations is legally accurate, and Targos has fought each infraction in administrative court. So far, administrative law judges have agreed with her. To date, the judges have ruled on 27 of the tickets. All 27 have been thrown out.

The last ticket Targos received was Friday. She said all the tickets have been from Chicago police officers.

"I have never gotten a ticket from an LAZ meter person," she said. "When confronted, police were just saying, 'You can't not pay to park downtown.' They didn't say I was in violation of a posted sign. They just saw it as a great injustice that I and other motorists find spaces to park downtown that are not in violation of officially posted signs."

The Problem Solver will continue to provide updates as warranted.

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