Problem Solver: DirecTV customer dishes on costly attempt to cancel

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The next day, a DirecTV customer service agent called Dagosto and agreed to waive the $280 cancellation fee.

Mercer said in an email that when customers move, they usually participate in DirecTV's Movers Connection program, which includes free installation at the new location.

"Under the program, in general, if it turns out there is no line of sight at the new address and the customer can't get service, all agreements are waived," Mercer said.

In such a circumstance, no cancellation fee is charged, he said.

"If the customer chooses not to participate in the Movers Connection program, the agreement is valid and early cancellation fees (if any) would apply," Mercer said.

He said Dagosto didn't technically qualify for a fee waiver, "but in the interest of good will for a longtime customer, we're waiving the fee."

Dagosto said he's happy to have the fee erased but thinks DirecTV should have been more understanding during earlier calls.

The customer service agent who called him Saturday was nice, Dagosto said.

"She said, 'We'd love to have you back in the future,'" he said. "I guess we'll see about that."

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