Problem Solver: Taxing situation slow to be resolved

$1,300 refund held up while time drags in obtaining copy of original paperwork from H&R Block

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By her own admission, Monica Gonzalez is not what you would call a "numbers person."

So for the past several years, the Hickory Hills resident has paid H&R Block to prepare and file her income taxes.

"I like the convenience," she said. "They do it all for you."

This year, things hit a snag.

H&R Block filed Gonzalez's taxes electronically April 9.

Two weeks later, she received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service saying her tax return had been rejected — because someone else had already filed using her name and Social Security number.

Instructed to obtain a copy of the original paperwork, she made an appointment at a nearby year-round H&R Block office and asked for a copy of her return.

"They told me that the server at the location where I filed was turned off due to remodeling," Gonzalez said.

The H&R Block employee apologized and promised to have a representative turn it on the next day so they could print out a copy of her tax return, she said.

Weeks went by and Gonzalez heard nothing from H&R Block, so she scheduled another appointment. Again, an employee apologized and promised to obtain a copy of her tax return, and again, nothing happened.

At a third appointment, Gonzalez was given a similar set of promises, but no tax return.

So last week, she emailed What's Your Problem?

"I just want a copy of my taxes," she said. "I have talked to the IRS. They definitely want a copy of my taxes. I am at my breaking point."

Gonzalez said she is due about $1,300 from the IRS this year but cannot get the money until everything is resolved.

"Technically, as far as the IRS is concerned, it's like I haven't filed taxes," she said.

The Problem Solver contacted H&R Block spokesman Gene King on Wednesday.

The next day, King emailed to say the situation was being resolved.

"The local office in Naperville is in the process of getting a copy of the return for this client," King wrote. "We have worked directly with the client to resolve the matter. We take this matter seriously and are glad to have a happy resolution for the client."

Gonzalez said Thursday she received a call from a representative at the Naperville office who said it had generated a copy of her tax return and it was available for her to pick up. She said she also received several calls from H&R Block's corporate headquarters.

On Saturday, she picked up her tax return. She said the woman at the Naperville office was very helpful.

"She had the taxes ready, showed me where to sign, made copies of necessary documents, and had even prepared envelopes with postage so that I could send everything off right away," Gonzalez said. "I cannot say enough about how kind and efficient she was. It is so great to finally have this situation resolved."

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