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  • Tax-free Shop Maryland Week

    Are you planning to shop during Maryland's tax holiday?

    • I've been waiting for this week all year!
    • I might buy stuff but didn't schedule my shopping around the tax holiday.
    • Nah --- a 6 percent discount isn't much of a sale.
    • What? Maryland charges sales tax?

Are you going to take advantage of Shop Maryland Week, Maryland's annual tax holiday, or have you already?

Andrea Walker found a number of shoppers in today's story who were grateful for the additional savings --- and unlike the airlines, retailers didn't jack up prices to snatch back the discount from consumers.

From now through Aug. 20, consumers buying qualifying clothing and footwear won't be charged Maryland's 6 percent sales tax for purchases up to $100. Accessories such as watches or umbrellas are not included.

Take our poll in the column on the left and let us know in the comments how you feel about the effort.