Maryland ranks third in U.S. in credit card complaints

Lorraine Mirabella

6:00 AM EDT, August 14, 2014


If you had a complaint about your credit card last year, about billing or fraud, for instance, you were more likely to live in Maryland than North Dakota.

Mid-Atlantic residents had the most credit card complaints per capita, with Maryland ranked overall in the U.S. as the state with the third highest number of complaints, according to a new study.

Consumer website ValuePenguin analyzed the more than 13,000 complaints collected by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in 2013 to come up with its findings. Most complaints had to do with billing disputes, account closures and fraud.

Highlights of the report, which you can read here, include:

Credit card companies each had strengths and weaknesses as far as complaints went. American Express holders complained more about rewards than customers of other card issuers, but complained less often about identity theft or embezzlement.

Bank of America had the greatest percentage of complaints about account closures.

Nearly one of every five complaints at Citi and Chase was about a credit card bill. Discover had the lowest percentage of billing issues compared to the other major cards.