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How long do Marylanders toil at work to afford a gallon of gas?

GasBuddy.com figures that the typical Marylander works 5.9 minutes to be able to buy a gallon of regular gas. That’s the least amount of time of residents in any state, according GasBuddy’s survey.  (We beat New Jersey by a couple of seconds.)

And it’s far better than the national average, where workers spend a little more than nine minutes on the job to be able to pay for a gallon of regular.

GasBuddy, which provides gas pricing information, came up with the figures by looking at the price of gas plus the median household income by county for each state.

West Virginia toiled the longest – 10.6 minutes – to be able to afford a gallon of gas.

Within Maryland, the amount of time spent on the job differed widely.

Howard County workers, for instance, can buy a gallon of gas after working an average of 4.1 minutes — the least amount of time among Maryland counties. Allegany residents need to work the longest — 10.6 minutes.

GasBuddy points out that workers nationally labor nearly twice as long today than 13 years ago to by gas, but they are have to work less than in the past two years.




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