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Borders abandons bankruptcy, liquidation coming

Liquidation of some of the 399 Borders stores could begin as soon as Friday, the company has announced, pending court approval at a hearing tomorrow.

The book and music chain operates large stores in Timonium, Columbia and Annapolis, as well as smaller mall stores in White Marsh, Columbia, Westminster and BWI Marshall Airport.

Nationwide, there are 10,700 employees who will be dealing with this closure, not to mention the book lovers who liked to browse the shelves. Good Reader Dave over at Read Street has written a eulogy for the Timonium Borders, for those who are mourning the loss.

I've certainly spent time and money there, buying last-minute gifts for friends and relatives --- despite good intentions and full awareness that events like my mother's birthday are scheduled on the same day every year.

But the news doesn't seem surprising. Even before the chain started casting around for a buyer, they were announcing back-to-back sales, perhaps to entice customers into the stores.

This BNET blog post breaks down a bunch of missteps that the Borders Group made, including waiting too long to enter the e-reader marketplace.

What do you think about the Borders liquidation, and will this impact how you buy/read books?

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