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11 things that will cost more in 2014

Things will just be more expensive this year – including McDonald's Dollar Menu.

DealNews has put together a top 11 list of some of the goods and services that will probably cost you more in 2014.

You'd probably expect milk, stamps and the next iPhone to make the cut, but now even the Dollar Menu costs more.

"Fans of bargain fast food received an unpleasant shock when McDonald's recently revamped its Dollar Menu, which features items that cost more than $1," DealNews' Marcy Bonebright writes. "Called the 'Dollar Menu and More,' this new menu debuted officially in November and includes items such as $2 burgers and a $5 20-piece chicken McNuggets."

Also on the list, wine, thanks to storms in France's Bordeaux region; Chipotle, which said it might raise prices to shift to more organic foods; traveling with pets, now that Southwest Airlines is raising pet fees, and luxury cars, including many 2014 BMW models.

And somehow this too will trickle down to the consumer: the Winter Olympics in Sochi are expected to be the most expensive in history, DealNews says, costing more than $50 billion.


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