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Bears fans tweet insults to wrong Chris Conte

Chicago Tribune social media editor

Note to Bears fans: @ChrisConte isn't a professional football player, he's a TV reporter in Nashville. You probably should have checked that before tweeting him.

After Sunday's game in which the Bears saw their playoff hopes disappear in a loss to Green Bay, fans took to social media to tweet safety Chris Conte, who fans and analysts blamed for that late 48-yard Packers touchdown.

But it took them a while to realize they were tweeting Conte the TV reporter. In an interesting twist, Conte the Bears player deleted his account earlier this year due to people giving him a hard time on Twitter.

@RobPienkowski tweeted: #Bears @ChrisConte has to be the WORST safety of ALL time. You personally blew the Bears chances of the playoffs!

And @AngelicaDones1 tweeted, although we're not quite sure why: @chrisconte why don't you just quit sports and be a professional belly dancer #worstsafetyinamerica

Turns out, Conte the TV reporter handled what was thrown at him better than Conte the Bears player, tweeting, "I better get @verified after dealing with all this tonight!! #MeanTweets."

Conte tweeted that the case of mistaken Twitterdentity netted him more than 100 new followers.

Perhaps @scooter186 put it best when he tweeted "@chrisconte on behalf of all Bears fans, thank you for allowing us to berate you. It is very therapeutic for us.”

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