Under Armour sues supplement company Inner Armour over branding

A Florida supplements company that calls its products Inner Armour is violating Under Armour's trademarks, the sportswear manufacturer alleged in a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday.

In a complaint illustrated with pictures of the allegedly offending products, Under Armour says the supplements company has been mimicking its advertising videos and in some cases dressing models in a mix of Inner Armour-branded clothes and Under Armour gear.

"As a result of defendant's use of Inner Armour in connection with its products, activities, and promotions, consumers are likely to believe defendant and/or its products are made, approved, or licensed by Under Armour," the company's lawyers wrote.

Under Armour has asked the Florida company to stop using the Inner Armour name before but it has refused, according to the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Baltimore. Under Armour is now asking a judge to order Inner Armour to stop using the name and award monetary damages.

Inner Armour, which uses the tag line "the speed of power", could be reached for comment.



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