Sparrows Point owner says no to Coke Point for dredge containment

Sparrows Point's landowner turned down a Maryland Port Administration offer to use part of the property for containing dredge material, but both sides said Wednesday that it's not the final word.

"We're not really taking this at all as a closed-door situation," said port spokesman Richard Scher, who said the rejection came last week. "This is part of negotiating, and we recognize that."

Scher said the port has a meeting next week with Environmental Liability Transfer, which owns the land and some of the buildings on the former steel-mill property. The port wants to purchase 310 acres of Coke Point, part of the more than 3,000-acre Sparrows Point site, to contain material dredged from Baltimore harbor and eventually turn into a marine terminal.

"It's a very good location for us," Scher said.

But location is the sticking point for Environmental Liability Transfer. Randall Jostes, the company's president and CEO, said he's looking for an alternative on site.

"We are hopeful that we can find a solution that satisfies the MPA and our future plans at Sparrows Point," he said.

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