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Md. advertises its financing help for small businesses

The state is kicking off a $150,000 campaign to advertise financing help for small businesses in Maryland.

The state Department of Business and Economic Development said Tuesday that it will be running ads — online and on radio stations for 10 weeks — to spread the word that four of the state's financing programs still have money to extend after receiving $23 million in federal funding through the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010. The state, which has spent or earmarked about $1.3 million since getting the OK to start using the money last June, has until 2018 to allocate it all.

The "Financing that Fits" campaign advertises the Maryland Small Business Development Financing Authority, which gives credit guarantees; the Maryland Industrial Development Financing Authority, which gives loan guarantees; the Maryland Venture Fund, which invests in startup companies; and Neighborhood Business Works, which provides gap financing.



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