Polk has hired soccer star Heather Mitts and NBA player Rudy Gay to endorse the company's new line.

Howe Burch, executive vice president of TBC Inc., the advertising firm working with Polk on the headphone launch, said the athlete endorsements should help the company stand out from the dozens of others on the market.

"The other companies like Bose and Dr. Dre are using personalities from the entertainment and music world," Burch said. "We have professional athletes because we thought authentication was key for the kind of headphone w'ere bringing to market."

Mitts has also endorsed Under Armour products. Polk has not teamed with the Baltimore sports apparel company, but Newhall described a collaboration as something the company "wouldn't rule out and would consider."

Mitts described herself as a "headphone snob." She said music is what gets her through a tough workout, but that finding the right pair of headphones can be hard. She praised the fit and clear sound of Polk's headphones.

"My biggest issue occurs when I start sweating or picking up the pace and my ear phones go flying out of my ear," Mitts said. "The length of the cord is a common annoyance as well when you are running. I appreciate the short-cord option which Polk offers."



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