Marlin Steel represents Baltimore at White House manufacturing day ceremony

Baltimore manufacturer Marlin Steel Wire Products was among a group of businesses invited to the Oval Office Friday for a ceremony marking National Manufacturing Day.

Molly Flax, a special projects manager, and Nathan Myers, a CNC wire forming manager, represented Marlin Steel at the White House ceremony. Joined by the National Association of Manufacturers, President Trump signed a presidential proclamation naming the day in honor of the country’s manufacturing industry.

“On Manufacturing Day, America’s dreamers, doers and makers open our doors to modern manufacturing and unveil the opportunities that lie beyond them to students, parents, educators and community members across the country,” said Jay Timmons, President and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers, in a statement. “It is our industry’s biggest stage to recruit and inspire next-generation manufacturers to create and build their — and our — future in America.”

National Manufacturing Day dates to 2012 and is intended to celebrate workers in the field and draw attention to the industry’s needs, such as narrowing a skills gap and drawing in the next generation of workers.

Marlin Steel specializes in washing baskets, racks, sheet metal material handling containers and other custom metal forms made using sheet metal and steel wire. Its clients include Boeing, Dow Chemical, Honda, NASA and United Airlines.

The company was founded in 1968 in Brooklyn, NY, where it was known as the “king of the bagel baskets,” its signature product at the time, according to Marlin Steel’s website.

Marlin Steel moved to Baltimore in 1998 when it was acquired.

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