We're also staying relevant because we have brought in … charitable organizations [as members]. Today, we have a lot of [nonprofits that] bring in prospective donors to talk about charitable giving.

In the old days, when there were a lot of big businesses in town, all the captains of industry belonged to the Center Club. Today … the bulk of new members are entrepreneurs — people who own their own businesses. They still see the wisdom of joining the club.

You always hear stories of big deals coming together at the Center Club. Is that true?

It's my understanding that part of the final workout of the Constellation and Exelon deal was done at the Center Club. [The proposed merger between Baltimore's Constellation Energy Group and Chicago's Exelon Corp. is pending. The deal recently received approval from the Maryland Public Service Commission.]

The answer is yes. There are absolutely deals still being done at the Center Club.

For sure, a lot of charity funds are raised at the Center Club because you see development officers from major charities there. I don't have any doubt that good deals are being done there over lunch and dinner.


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