Aaron: In the beginning we were fighting tooth and nail. … We're probably larger than they are now.

They're taking a corporate strategy into a family-owned … business, which is slowly but surely deteriorating them.

What does your father think of your company and the fact that you're competing with his former business?

Aaron: He's very proud of us and what we've put together. Obviously we've learned a lot through him and through our family. It's really not that big of a deal that we're competing against his old company, because once we left, a lot of the employees that we hired had left. … My dad doesn't have that attachment that he would have if my brother Harley and I stayed on.

Mike Magden was known for doing wild television commercials — yelling, "I'm gonna save you a lotta money!" What are your ads like?

Harley: Totally different. … We don't do the eye-catching, loud commercials like my father did. We definitely take things down a notch. My brother and I have appeared on a few ads on radio and TV, but that's not really our forte. We like to stay on the low-key side of things.

What's the competition like in this region?

Harley: It's very fragmented. … There's really a lot of room for growth.

Do you make your own windows?

Harley: We don't make our own windows, but we have an agreement where one of the local manufacturers makes the windows … designed specifically for us. And [the windows are] also designed for [the climate in] this market.

How old were you when you got into the family business?

Harley: I started when I was 16, so about 19 years ago.

Aaron: Probably about 15 or 14. I was unloading the window trucks when they came in.

Was there a part of you that wanted to try something besides windows when you left?

Harley: We took time off and really thought about what direction to go in. … Windows [were] the only thing that would force us to move; anything else, we could have stayed [in Ohio] if we wanted to. So it wasn't an easy decision.

Why did you do it?

Aaron: We just figured we knew this industry best. … Our whole plan was to open up here and then have Cleveland as well, which we did. We were possibly going to move back, but now that our parents live in Florida, Baltimore's our home. We have no plans of leaving.

Harley: We're still Browns fans, though.



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