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Columbia-based institutional review board merges with Cincinnati-based firm

Chesapeake IRB, a Columbia-based company that reviews research involving humans, has merged with Cincinnantti-based Schulman IRB to create Advarra, a provider of institutional review services and research compliance services.

The combined company will be better positioned to offer protection for human subjects in medical research, Michael Woods, president and CEO of Schulman IRB, said in an announcement Wednesday.

“By coming together as Advarra, we are merging the highest-quality review organizations in the industry,” Jeffrey Wendel, president and CEO of Chesapeake IRB, said in the announcement. “We are delighted to come together with a like-minded organization that places the same emphasis on integrity and quality.”

Chesapeake IRB offers services to pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies and academic medical centers and hospital systems. Shulman IRB has offered services to protect human research participants in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada since 1983.




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