Whether complementing their existing IT staff or, in some cases, taking the lead, remote technologies allow us to proactively support their networks, secure their data and keep their IT infrastructure ahead of the curve so they never miss a beat.

Seems like being co-CEOs who are married to each other and take calls at all hours could make it hard to separate work and home life. Do you carve out some time that's strictly off-limits for work? If so, for what?

Lois: Because we are both so involved in the day-to-day, it is a challenge not to discuss the business, but we absolutely carve out personal time — especially for family and vacations.

We really do "live and breathe this stuff," but we are fortunate to have employees who exhibit much of the same commitment and passion that we do, so we can take time for ourselves.



Alan and Lois Elkin

Titles: Co-CEOs of Advance Business Systems

Residence: Pikesville

Hometown: Ellenville, N.Y. (Alan) and Cincinnati, Ohio (Lois)

Education: Lois earned a degree in mathematics from Goucher College in 1959; Alan earned a bachelor's degree in business from the University of Colorado in 1956

Family: Two children, Jeffrey Elkin and Karen Mazer, along with six grandchildren and a golden retriever

Hobbies: Both enjoy family time, fishing and traveling. Lois is also fond of collecting art, cooking and reading.