BGE warns of PeakRewards test on Thursday

Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. warned Wednesday that it will turn off PeakRewards customers' air conditioning compressors during some or all of a three-hour stretch Thursday, part of a required test.

BGE's PeakRewards offers bill credits to those who sign up to have their air conditioning, their electric water heater or both "cycled" during hot days when demand peaks and power is most expensive to buy. The test, scheduled to run from about 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., was ordered by the regional grid operator because fewer hot days this summer meant BGE never needed to trigger a so-called "emergency" event with PeakRewards.

Customers in the AC program will have their compressors turned off for the stretch they opted for when they signed up, BGE said: either half the time they would normally run, three-quarters of it or all of it. Participants in the other program won't have their water heated during the test, though water already in the tank will likely remain warm, BGE said.

The company said it picked a time "when temperatures are not expected to be extremely warm."

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