If you have one, if it's active, we're going to move that information right at the top.

From what you're seeing, how much harder is it to land a federal job these days, with agencies needing to constrain their budgets?

It's a little harder. I don't think [job seekers] should expect to apply today for a position and be called within the next couple of weeks.

Be very thorough. Think about what you've done, how you meet their expectations for the position. And finally, look at what's required for documentation. Do they need specific forms, do they need a transcript? Make sure you supply everything that's required.

I may be the best person for the job, but when my information is looked at, did I follow directions, did I include keywords, was I as thorough as I should have been in explaining my duties? Did I list my accomplishments? Did I talk about how I saved the company money? Did I put in percentages, numbers, figures?

Above all, just be very patient with the process. Don't give up. If you didn't get that job, there's going to be other jobs.



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